Mallach and Company
testimonyTina Mallach"Fearless Leader"Broker | Owner512.587.9127Learn More about Tina Mallach
testimonyHolly Loff"The Encouraging Ally"VP of Everything(817) 706-4639
testimonyJohn MallachAgent, Commercial Real Estate(512) 799-9083
testimonyMadison Mallach"The Downtown Diva"Agent(512) 966-0392
testimonyHolly Hogue"The Natural"Agent512.417.5917Learn More about Holly Hogue
testimonyShelley Clawson"The Cheerful Servant"Agent512.632.9393Learn More about Shelley Clawson
testimonyDana Trinkle"The Communicator"Agent512.971.9543Learn More about Dana Trinkle
testimonyCharlie Huggins"The Southerner"Agent512.694.8469Learn More about Charlie Huggins
testimonyJen Foronato"The Atmosphere Changer"Agent512.635.4416Learn More about Jen Foronato
testimonyJill Wood"The Firecracker"Agent512.948.5527Learn More about Jill Wood
testimonyCamille Carney"The Compassionate Advocate"Agent512.461.8078Learn More about Camille Carney
testimonyNicole Nieft"The Pragmatic Advisor"Agent512.940.0345Learn More about Nicole Nieft
testimonyKaren Criddle"The Genuine Texan"Agent512.925.3120Learn More about Karen Criddle
testimonyJen Glatz"The Masterful Marketer"Agent512.923.7145Learn More about Jen Glatz
testimonyAngela Hutton"The Reliable Resource"Broker512.423.9754Learn More about Angela Hutton
testimonyMatt McGahey"The Game Changer"Agent512.949.9092Learn More about Matt McGahey
testimonyJodilinn Robinson"The Native"Agent(512) 844-9689Learn More about Jodilinn Robinson
testimonyKelly Ladner"The People Person"Agent512-913-1415.Learn More about Kelly Ladner
testimonyEllen Angell"The Confident Confidant"Agent(512) 731-9481Learn More about Ellen Angell
testimonyDan Crossman"Downtown Dan"Agent(770) 337-6183Learn More about Dan Crossman
testimonyAmy Tisdale“The Driven Dynamo”Agent(512) 758-3677Learn More about Amy Tisdale

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smile often, treat clients like family, do more than what’s expected, gather wisdom through doing, find joy in the journey, and love properties and people.